Fly high with the Free Spirit Box

THERABOX-1412.jpgTake a look at everything from our latest “Free Spirit” box with over $170+ worth of goodies + August box spoilers below! Our Free spirit box was designed to equip you with all the tools necessary to begin your free spirit journey. We aimed to nourish your body with tools relating to health, fitness, and skin-loving goodies so that you can take on the world fearlessly and embark on your next adventure. Additionally, we curated a special spiritual virtual workshop to get in tune with your spirit + 1 month membership so you can keep the good vibes flowing! Check out the full details below and scroll all the way down for August Dream box spoilers!



“Original” is Riddle’s most popular fragrance oil because it is formulated to mix with your personal chemistry and create a signature scent unique to you. “Original” is formulated to mix with your personal chemistry for a signature scent that morphs with the warmth of your skin. The scent is slowly absorbed and gently mixed with your skin’s natural fragrance before the body heat is able to evaporate the heavy base note molecule. The scent of your skin is combined with the warm, rustic notes of musk and amber, making the Original perfect for any of your free-spirited adventures to come. Plus, it’s cruelty-free, vegan, and hypoallergenic! TIP: Roll onto wrists, collar bones, the nape of your neck, and behind your ears. With normal daily application, this bottle should last around 6 months.



We’re big fans of the Myers-Briggs personality test (variations of this test can be taken for free on or and found this interesting course that marries Myers-Briggs, Jungian mental typing and Astrology all into one! All of these systems may bring pieces of information about ourselves, but it can feel impossible to reconcile all of these parts in one living, breathing, mutable human being. AKA You. All too often, these systems are used inaccurately (Eek! If you took a test online, you might not be an ENFP like you thought…) which means we’re getting a whole lot of the wrong type of advice for how to move through the world according to our authentic nature.

But don’t fret — this virtual course is here to help you demystify! The “Intelligent Authenticity and Connection with Myers-Briggs and Other Spiritual Teachings” marries Jungian mental typing, Myers-Briggs, and astrology into one cohesive formula to help you understand yourself better, relate to the world around you and more importantly, appreciate how all of your unique pieces create you as a whole. You’ll learn about the multiple personality drivers in your Myers-Briggs type, tools for relationships, personal self-growth, and how to discern others’ preferences based on their personality types. Then, you’ll learn how Astrology + Jungian Mental Wiring creates a multidimensional mosaic and how they work together.

This unique adventure + a $10 membership on any workshop of your choice can help you weave together different modalities that can give you a better understanding of everything happening in your life and give you actionable steps to maximize your potential. Freeing yourself from the shackles of the norm and knowing that the way you’re wired is totally okay is a monumental step in becoming the best version of yourself.

“It is when you surprise yourself with who you are that you feel and sense into your spiritual identity, which is quite a bit larger than your physical identity. You are a personality shell; that is, you are consciousness which has adapted itself to incarnation.” — Q’uo, The Law Of One, LL Research.



All these free-spirited adventures and travels taking a toll on your body? Don’t ‘ya worry! Here’s a probiotic super dose to help get you back on track. This powerful pair boosts the good guy bacteria plus a healthy dose of prebiotic fiber to help keep things balanced and moving in the right direction! Lifeway’s Traveler’s Defense + Immunity Ultra-High Potency Probiotic Supplements is a one-a-day capsule that can help support your digestive health and regularity when taken prior and during your trip. Each capsule contains 50 billion CFU† of active bacteria and 11 powerful probiotic strains to help keep you feeling your best + Inulin, a prebiotic fiber that can help support regularity and healthy intestinal flora. Go with your gut and try this friendly boost of the good bacteria that helps encourage your natural flora to thrive while keeping your tummy and tract in tip-top shape!


WWW.VIVOO.IO | $24.90
USE CODE: thera30 FOR 30% OFF (EXPIRATION: 06/20/20)

Would you believe an app can guide you to a healthier lifestyle based on your urine sample? You heard that right! Vivoo is like your personal wellness assistant and takes real data from your body and gives personalized nutrition and wellness advice to you, based on your urine sample analysis. With Vivoo, you can track body parameters like water consumption, pH, immune system strength, urinary tract infection, liver and kidney functions, ketone and glucose levels. Just download the Vivoo app, complete a urine sample using the Vivoo strip parameters, take a picture of the strip via the app, and receive your personalized nutrition + lifestyle advice in a few seconds. All the advice has been written by registered dietitians and nutritionists also approved by doctors. Perfect for the health-conscious spirit!THERABOX-1435.jpg


Here’s something to make you smile! The Hyaluronic Lip Hydration Mask is a rich and nourishing lip treatment that provides deep hydration to soften, smooth and diminish the appearance of vertical lip lines. Infused with the trifecta of Collagen, Aloe Vera, and Hyaluronic acid, it rejuvenates the lip skin surface and penetrates deep below to lock-in the good stuff to prevent dryness and reduce the appearance of fine lines. This silky soft, bubblegum pink lip mask not only looks good, it’s also Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Allergen-Free, Gluten-Free, Sulfate-Free, and Paraben-Free. Time to kiss dry lips goodbye because summer is ready for your radiantly prepped and moisturized lips!

*Some boxes received a substitution item of an item of equal or greater value due to limited stock*

While natural skin care practices and products can help improve your skin’s appearance, it’s important to understand what really makes your skin healthy at its core. Among the most important factors in your skin’s appearance is its pH level. Created to maintain the correct pH balance, the Rebalance Me Ampoule is imported from the United Kingdom and essential to minimizing problems with eczema, psoriasis, chronic dry skin and serves as a protector for your skin. Packaged in an eco-friendly glass bottle, this ampoule is jam-packed with a powerful blend of active Aloe Vera + Green Tea to use as a daily protection booster. Results? Balanced & smooth skin and the feeling of your face receiving a much-needed drink on a hot summer day without any sticky residue. PLEASE NOTE: We had limited stock of the Rebalance Me Ampules and members may have received a replacement item. Replacement items vary but in the pictured collage were possible replacement items that were substituted!



I love tying shoelaces- said no one, ever. Perfect for anyone with an on-the-go lifestyle, these laces will ensure you never tie another shoelace again! The Xpand Laces are made with zero-memory elastic rubber, which ensures a consistent comfortable fit throughout your day and during your workouts. The Lace Anchors are manufactured with fiber reinforced resin, which provides amazing strength and prevents any breakage or warping. Once you get the laces installed and fitted, you don’t have to think about them at all. Even when jogging or exercising, the laces will stay snug and can’t come untied- which is perfect when you’re in a rush, in a spot that’s difficult to change shoes or even when you’re just going about your daily activities! Best of all? They work on any type of shoes and can replace any laces so you can put your best foot forward, literally and figuratively!



Blemishes have a nasty habit of popping up at the most inconvenient times. And when you’re out having an exciting summer getaway, you don’t have time to sit around and wait for them to fade. Imported from Canada, Maskeraide’s Spotted Detoxifying Blemish Patches can help minimize and calm your spot breakouts by absorbing the oils from your blemishes while aiding in its healing process. Infused with salicylic acid, volcanic ash and tea tree oil, these clear spot patches won’t leave your skin dry and flaky + it extracts impurities and creates a protective barrier by shielding your blemishes from bacteria and inflammation while reducing the potential for acne scarring. Spotted works overnight and can be worn up to 12 hours + they’re easy & pain-free to peel off so you’re always ready to take on your next free-spirited adventure anytime, anywhere!




Summer is in full swing and that calls for a soothing + hydrating mask in your weekly skincare routine! This Lemon Slice Mask from Kocostar contains 12 compact slices infused with the scent and the nutrients of fresh lemons! Like a sticker, you can remove the mask sheet one by one and apply it all over the body. With 10,000ppm of lemon extract, this mask is super rich in vitamin C and can target any area of your face or body to provide intense nourishment and brightening effects. The individual lemon mask slices are made with TENCEL® fibers from eucalyptus tree and is safe for sensitive skin. Plus, the cute lemon slices are great for summer selfies too as you wait for your mask to dry!

Now… the moment you’ve been waiting for! Spoilers for this month’s “Dream” box shipping August 24-29th with over $130+ worth of relaxing goodies!



From the creators of the amazing Face Melt that was super popular in our past May Ritual box, we bring you Body Melt! Beautifully pearlescent, Body Melt is a velvety-soft balm that is light to the touch but super rich on moisture. This nourishing balm combines cold-pressed coconut oil with premium grade mango and shea butters infused with the floral scents of Rose + Gardenia — perfect for when your skin needs some extra TLC. Mega moisturizers shea butter and coconut oil soothes, conditions and deeply nourishes your skin while the essential fatty acids and vitamins A, B and E join forces to replenish and nurture — making dry skin a thing of the past. The perfect night cap starts in dewy hydration! USE: Warm a small amount between hands, then massage over entire body. For best results, use after each shower and before bed.



Between drinking too much caffeine in the afternoon and working to hit strict deadlines, getting a full night of shut-eye isn’t always possible. An instant overnight glow mask, the Pomegranate Superfood Regenerating Sleeping Mask helps recharge your skin while you sleep so you feel energized and refreshed like you just had an 8-hour sleep! Infused with Pomegranate Extract, it delivers a potent dose of antioxidant activity to the delicate tissues all over the face leaving your skin smooth and bright + this mask is natural, vegan, paraben-free and imported from the UK! Time to confidently channel your inner Beyoncé and tell everyone, “I woke up like this!” TIP: Use 2-3 times a week. Apply a thin layer onto clean, dry skin in the evening. Leave on overnight and cleanse as normal the following morning.



When we sleep our skin cells repair and harmful toxins are removed, making sleep the ultimate beauty secret and the first step to a successful skincare routine. Proven to provide a better night’s sleep, the Sleeping Beauty Spray is like Ambien in a bottle! Made with therapeutic-grade essential oils, this spray has an aromatic scent to promote a peaceful and restorative sleep so you can nod off quickly and stay asleep as the world carries on around you. This spray can be applied, not only on your linens but also your hair and body — a plus if you love the smell of lavender and chamomile so much that you want it on yourself! FUN FACT: This pillow spray is now the “official scent” of the high roller suites at the Cosmopolitan Resort in Las Vegas!


Over $130+ worth of restful goodies in our next “Dream” box shipping between Aug 24-29th! If getting a good night’s rest is your thing, then you don’t want to miss this month’s box!

The Adventure Begins with our June Box


Hey tribe,

How many of you missed out on our June “Adventure” box? Don’t worry as we are doing a full reveal below to show you the awesome items we have included inside!



USE CODE: THERA19 FOR 30% OFF (expires 10/30/19)

The longer you go without showering after a sweatfest, the more vulnerable your skin becomes to breakouts. Made with the intention to refresh your skin after a full day of adventure, the Quick Fix Spray is the shower-in-a-bottle miracle that instantly starts fighting bacteria left behind by sweat and keeps your freshness intact when you just can’t get to a shower, but REALLY need to! With the combination of organic essential oils + Witch Hazel, this spray produces a cooling effect with bright and tangy aroma while removing excess oil and shrinking your pores.



USE CODE: THERA15 FOR 15% OFF (expires 10/31/19)

Made with coconut water + mineral mica, bring a healthy sun-kissed glow to your skin + instant luminosity, with no filter needed. This sheer illuminating Bronzing Potion Glow Cream from KVoss imparts a natural looking, no makeup glow to all skin tones while moisturizing the skin for that soft, radiant summer complexion. It has a clean, invigorating scent and goes on light and very smooth — not a greasy feeling in sight! Ultra-hydrating, it also encourages skin cell renewal for a healthier, bouncy, supple-to-the-touch-kind-of-baby-smooth skin! HOW TO USE: Apply a thin, even veil to the face or targeted areas. Can be worn as a subtle highlighter, makeup base or moisturizer for a fresh, dewy finished kind of glow. A little goes a long way, and can be universally used on all skin tones!



Can’t find your passport inside your travel bag at the very moment you need it? Or feeling a little bit lost cause your luggage camouflaged with the rest of the crowd’s? No need to worry because this duo’s here to save the day! A custom designed Therabox item, this matching marble designed and rose gold foil engraved passport cover + luggage tag marries style with functionality. The passport cover not only keeps your passport in one place but also protects it from damage when traveling– no more bent pages and torn covers, hooray! With a lightweight and simple design, the passport holder also provides convenient and easy access anytime you need it. The matching luggage tag is tightly fixed with an adjustable strap and clasp. It has a slot for the identification card which makes bag labeling and identification a breeze. With adventure literally embossed in rose gold letters, this is the perfect set for any traveler — a subtle reminder that life was always meant for great adventures!



Ready.. Set.. Goals!

This Therabox custom designed Wooden Goals Board is goals personified- literally! Write down any goal you want to achieve and start focusing on your personal visions and inspirations. It probably sounds cliché, but visualization is one of the most powerful mind exercises there is. Seeing your goals everyday creates a sacred space that displays what you want to achieve and brings it to life. Go on and write down your wildest dreams and visions on this board!

What you focus on expands.


1. Find a calming place, light some candles, and complete a 10 -15 min. visualization meditation to set your intentions before beginning.

2. Decide what you want this board to entail. Is it personal, career, or or financial goals you’d like to accomplish? If you have many goals you’d like to achieve, consider making multiple vision boards for each area of your life if you wish. Optional tip: Rank goals down to date, urgency, capability, relativity – or in any order you may want to accomplish

3. Imagine your ideal career, relationship, community, future, and so on. The more specific you can be, the better! What do you want? What do you need? What do you value? What is your reason for wanting this? How do you want to feel when these visions become your reality? These are all questions to ask yourself during this project.

4. After discerning your vision and goals, gather your art supplies and create your masterpiece! Find images and words that resonate with your intention to include within your vision board. Utilize magazines, newspapers, prints or create your own artwork to include!

5. Once your vision board is complete, place it in a visible area where you can easily reference back to whenever you need a little inspiration!

6. Have fun with this! Goals can change and nothing is ever set in stone. Change or adjust your vision board as necessary.

Share your completed goals and vision board with us by tagging #mytherabox on your social media!


SUNBLOCK: 100% organically-made, the Simply Organic Sunblock is made from all-natural ingredients including Carrot, Lemon, Peppermint, Orange, Kiwi, Tangerine, Citronella, Raspberry and Zinc Oxide! This rich, luxurious sunblock absorbs easily leaving your skin with a nice, soft, matte finish + its lotion base is a mix of potent antioxidants that helps add moisture, evens out dark spots and protect your skin against harmful UV rays so everyday you can get kissed by the sun without damaging your skin! Tip: When the sun goes down, this sunblock also functions as a bug-repellant!

AGE DEFYING LOTION: This 100% natural & organic moisturizing face lotion is here to assist you through those trying times when your skin needs a little extra TLC. This “face-lift-in-a-bottle” will stun you with its remarkable ability to moisturize, tighten your skin, remove wrinkles, and great UV protection from harmful sun rays! There’s no denying the importance of sunscreen. Always use a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 – and luckily this double duty moisturizer does just that and more with an SPF of 45.



The journey to a mindful living begins with a single step and to that we say, YAS! A chic and mother-earth loving alternative than plastic straws, these rainbow-colored stainless steel straws from California Home Goods is not only great for the planet, but it’s also a must-have for you because it’s BPA free and doesn’t contain all the chemicals that normal plastic straws produce! Made from eco-friendly and food-safe materials, these reusable steel straws boast of a cosmic & functional design that makes them the perfect addition to your home, office, or to that drink you’ll be sipping on that beach trip this summer! Each set comes with four (4) super compact and easy to clean reusable, rainbow-colored straws & a thick-bristle brush for easier cleaning. Drink in style and help save the turtles!



Imported from Switzerland, the AromaStick Balance Natural Inhaler is your ticket to your calm, happy place without delay among all craziness of summer! The Balance Inhaler contains a special blend of 100% organic essential oils that are both stimulating and relaxing in equal measures. Backed by research, AromaSticks are a fast and powerful way of triggering a response using 100% essential oils and nothing else. The inhaler allows your mind and body to operate in perfect harmony while helping you maintain your inner balance when you need it most. Calming, especially for the nervous system, the aroma gently lifts the spirit and grants a feeling of peace. Small enough to fit right in your pocket, AromaSticks are great for travel and taking with you anywhere on the go. The perfect way to have a quick laid-back atmosphere wherever life takes you! HOW TO USE: Holding one nostril closed, place the inhaler just under nose, inhale deeply for about three seconds, and exhale for three. Repeat with other nostril. Use as often as needed. Once opened, an AromaStick lasts for 6 months.




When you’re done adulting for the day, put on the I Don’t Wanna Grow Up mask and relax (or do something silly!) to wind down the day. The I Don’t Wanna Grow Up Sheet Mask from Maskeraide helps firm and soften fine lines while rejuvenating the skin for that youthful glow. Infused with an argon oil based serum, hydrolyzed collagen, vitamin E and natural ylang-ylang oil, this mask is also protein and mineral-rich which helps foster that smooth and radiant complexion + its eco-friendly as its made with a tencel fabric, a natural cellulose found in wood pulp from sustainable eucalyptus tree farms that is 100% biodegradable! Imported from Canada with love, care and passion for high quality skin care using ingredients provided by Mother Earth, this mask is great for all skin types. Just relax for 15-20 minutes and feel its Neverland magic on your skin!

We’re waving on our freedom flags this July!
Check out some of the ahhh-mazing and unique items we are including in our July “Free Spirit” Box!




Drift off to a world of endless possibilities because this scent is made uniquely for you! Riddle Oil’s Original Roll-On Oil is formulated to mix with your personal chemistry for a signature scent that morphs with the warmth of your skin. The scent is slowly absorbed and gently mixed with your unique scent before the body heat is able to evaporate the heavy base note molecule. With the scent of your skin combining with the warm, rustic notes of musk and amber, the Original is perfect for any of your free-spirited adventures + its cruelty-free, vegan, and hypoallergenic! TIP: Roll onto wrists, collar bones, the nape of your neck, and behind your ears. With normal daily application, this bottle should last around 6 months.


WWW.VIVOO.IO | $24.90 

Would you believe an app can guide you to a healthier lifestyle based on your urine sample? You heard that right! Vivoo is the first personal wellness assistant in the world that takes real data from your body and gives personalized nutrition and wellness advice to you, based on your urine sample analysis. With Vivoo, you can track body parameters like water consumption, pH, immune system strength, urinary tract infection, liver and kidney functions, ketone and glucose levels. Just download the Vivoo application, urinate on the strip parameters, take a picture via the app, and receive your personalized advice in a few seconds. Packaged in a unique and cool app for a renewed and healthier lifestyle, this is definitely a must for if you’re a fan of easy and on-the-go health check-ups!


 | $19 

Applying this refreshing ampoule feels like giving your skin a much-needed drink on a hot summer day. Created to maintain the correct pH balance of your skin, the Rebalance Me Aloe Vera Moisturizing Ampoule is made with a unique powerful blend of active Aloe Vera and Green Tea which hydrates, softens and plumps skin + it instantly seeps into skin with a lightweight and non-sticky finish. You can use it as a daily protection booster when your skin is in need of a pick-me-up or as a moisturizer before makeup application for a hydrated and flawless canvas! TO USE: Add 1-2 pumps of Moisturizing Ampoule to your daily moisturizer after cleansing. Apply on your skin avoiding the eye area. PLEASE NOTE: This product is very potent. You might feel tingling while using it. The tingle means it’s working!

More good news!

We have restocked on our June “Adventure” box and it is now available to order on our Happy Shoppe!

 LAST DAY to order is on July 24 to get our “Free Spirit” box before it sells out!

First time customers? Use promo codeWELCOME10 to get 10% off on your first Therabox order!

Unveiling our May “Ritual” Box


Heyaaa Theratribe!
For everyone who has been dying to see what was inside our May “Ritual” box, you can stop wondering and check out our featured items below:




Caring for our skin (the largest organ in the body!) is such an essential aspect of self-care. Transform face cleansing into a ritual, and take this time to appreciate every feature of your face as you wash the day away. The Flower Mill Balm Shell makes it easy and is a luxurious way to remove every last trace of the day while purifying, cleansing and refreshing your skin, leaving it soft to the touch! This unique all-in-one cleanser and makeup remover deep cleans pores without stripping or drying the skin for a soft, supple, and renewed complexion! It has a multi-action formula brimming with an exclusive combination of essential oils that work together to craft a powerful, yet gentle formula to lift away impurities for a radiant complexion! An all-natural, organic and vegan alternative to traditional cosmetic removers that would certainly be an amazing addition to your skin-care ritual! TIP: For best results, use morning and night and apply to dry skin in circular motions using the tip of your fingers. With a warm, damp cleansing cloth, gently wipe your face to remove the balm, then rinse again with cool water and pat dry.




It seems as if the world gets just a little bit busier every day. With looming deadlines, growing to-do lists, and overwhelm abound, it’s important to create a self-care ritual that allows you to slow down. What better way than a nice hot soak to release tension and relax every muscle? Surrender to the calmness of the sea while inhaling the scented steam of roses with Aminnah’s Rose Buds and Himalayan Salts Bath Soak! Made with organic rose buds, this soak creates a relaxing floral note while softening and moisturizing your skin. This product contains over 84 minerals and trace elements, including Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Copper, Iron Detoxification ,Epsom Salt, and Dead Sea Salts. Other potential benefits from the use of these minerals include: Antibacterial, Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidants, Moisturizing, Toning, Re-Energizing, Increasing body magnesium levels, Provide Relief for Migraines, Natural Remedy for Insomnia (and Other Sleep-Related Disorders), Helps to Reduce Depression and Negative Energy, Restores Harmony in The Spiritual and Mental Balance, Natural Remedy to Gynecological Problems (and Post-Menstrual Syndrome), Stimulates Blood Circulation (to treat or manage a variety of conditions, including arthritis, fibromyalgia, leg cramps, muscle aches and pains, and skin conditions such as psoriasis and dermatitis). Opt for a romantic evening in with yourself and let the fragrance of love wash over you while giving your body the ultimate treat!




The second step to any skincare routine is to follow up with a wonderful toner that helps to rebalance the skin’s PH after cleansing! Prepare your skin to absorb moisturizer and retain moisture with the #20 WILL 100% natural oils face toner. With neroli floral water as a base, this toner is optimal for soothing sensitive skin, while also delivering Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C and folic acid to your skin. Neroli is a natural astringent that tightens, firms and soothes the skin while reducing excess oils and minimizing large pores and Frankincense on the other hand, is known for its anti-aging effects and added aromatherapy benefits! TIP: Just spritz #20 lightly over face at arm’s length after cleansing and use a cotton pad along the face to remove any soap residues or impurities.




Relax and wash the day away with the stress relieving scent of lavender and mint! This gentle cleanser from Modern Skyn has Lavender buds that polishes the skin while releasing a soothing, cooling and refreshing Mint Oil to lift the senses. When showering, pause, pump and simply inhale your new body cleanser for approximately three seconds.  Breathe in, breathe out… It takes just three seconds but to your mind and spirit, it’s a blessed respite. With the addition of Wheat Germ Oil, which is rich in antioxidants and Vitamin E, this body wash will also leave your skin feeling clean and refreshed after every bath! Made with natural and organic ingredients, the fragrant and relaxing aroma is definitely a plus when you need a deep and calming nights sleep! TIP: Do a daily shower meditation and turn showers into a powerful ritual! Check out the quick 5-10 minute shower meditation on this page for directions!




Skin care multi-tasking has never been this easy with the Flowered Life’s Do-It-All Soul Salve! You can use it on cracked, dry hands, eczema, burns, insect bites, small scrapes, cuticles, rough elbows/feet, psoriasis, and scars and it will help protect, heal and hydrate the skin. The oils are also rich in natural antioxidants, Vitamin E, Saturated Fats, and Vitamin A which upon initial use provides immediate relief from itching and seamlessly melts into the skin without a greasy residue. Packed in a small tin for easy storage, just drop it in your purse or add it to your first aid kit! This product is what all skin treatments should aim to be – clean and natural with organic ingredients that really work!



Are you a bookaholic, bookworm, journal enthusiast or maybe all of the above? This magnetic bookmark will surely make turning pages fun! A perfect companion for the Bloom Where You’re Planted Journal, this magnetic bookmark is designed with functionality and style in mind! Plus the cute cactus design is perfect for all your summer reads. TIP: Can also be used as a fridge magnet to hold your notes!



Summer is right around the corner and dry skin and lips are definitely a thing during these sweaty months ahead! Hydrate, heal and nourish your lips naturally with the Lavender Vanilla Lip Balm! Organic and cruelty-free, this Moroccan Magic masterpiece delivers an ultra-hydrating formula of high-quality organic cold pressed argan oil, essential oils and healing herbs that will give your lips an ultra-smooth, long-lasting feel! Having only 9 ingredients, this lip balm goes on super smooth, lasts a very long time and leaves your lips feeling supple + hydrated with a sweet and faint floral scent! With its small size, its super handy too, so you can moisturize and give your lips a magical glow – anywhere and anytime!


Daily journaling is an incredible stress-management tool and a powerful vehicle to self-discovery. Studies show that spending as little as 5-10 minutes a day writing can increase your long-term wellbeing physically and emotionally by more than 10%. Journaling practices have been linked to improvements in mood, increased immune system function, sharper memory, and reduced stress-related disorders. It has even been reported to help wounds heal faster! Pretty incredible what expressive writing and releasing pent up thoughts can do. In addition to using this journal for all of your expressive writing needs, track your daily habits and form/reinforce inspiring rituals using the daily morning and evening ritual prompts listed in the matching postcard! Keep the postcard inside your journal as a daily template and bookmark.

The Bloom Where You Are Planted Journal cover is made of high quality supple vegan leather with an elegant floral pattern. Full of beautifully designed, hand-drawn inspirational sayings and nature-inspired art, the Bloom Where You’re Planted Journal will help you express and discover your innermost self. This journal comes with 192 premium quality white acid-free paper, lined pages and a satin ribbon bookmark. Sized 6 by 8 inches, it is so portable and easy to carry around– you can bloom wherever you are! Accompany this journal with the Morning and Evening Ritual Postcard Prompts to make journaling an everyday habit! In the process of recording your daily rituals and actions, it is our hope that you’ll be able to examine the habits that drain, grow, heal, and replenish you. Wise quotes ring true when they say that when we spend quality time with ourselves, we discover that the answers we seek have been within us all along!

DIRECTIONS: Use the Morning & Evening Rituals Postcard as your template for journaling each day & night. Every morning, take 5 – 10 minutes to declare your mantra and set the intention for your day. Complete the journal prompts and morning rituals preferably before you begin your day. Likewise, every night, take a few minutes to reflect on your day (see what sparked joy and what you could do without moving forward), give gratitude for your blessings, celebrate your small successes, and set some goals/intentions for the next day. With your rituals, reflections, goals and visions written in this beautiful journal, you’ll discover your unique set of self-care rituals and bloom to your highest self. Use the extra pages as your space to write expressively, let out pent up thoughts and emotions, and make it your masterpiece.

Our May “Ritual” box is available to order on our Happy Shoppe! Avail yours now!
Please stay tuned for our next reveal! Keep unboxing happiness 🙂

We are back! :)



Hey TheraTribe!

Has it been two years already? It’s been a roller coaster full of happy memories and we’ve been so busy we hadn’t touched our blog for a long time. Our tribe is growing ever so quickly and we can’t express how lucky and grateful we are for all the love and support you’ve given us throughout the years.

Let’s catch up with a recap of our 2nd year ANNIVERSARY Box!

for an amazing two years of love and support!

Our April Anniversary box was such a huge hit, we’re still in awe by all of your love and feedback! Thank you once again to everyone who celebrated with us and made this year extra special for all of us at TheraBox. Cheers to 2 wonderful years of unboxing happiness with all of you, and many more to come! Check out everything from our April box below! ❤️


The Happy Shoppe – Balance Necklace

Triangles are the strongest of all geometric shapes and often used to represent a balance of the mind, body, and spirit. This 304 Stainless Steel Gold Plated Triangle Balance Necklace serves as a gentle reminder to care for your mind, body and spirit daily to maintain balance. In all aspects of our lives, balance is key. When balance is off or when one part takes over the other, stress amplifies. Wear this as a reminder that happiness is not built upon the goal of perfection, but rather on balance. With its minimalist yet chic design, this piece is a perfect mindful accessory for any occasion. Retails for $25 at 


Elements of Aliel – I’m Beet Face Mask

Reveal a brighter and clearer skin with the I’m Beet Face Mask! Pamper and shower your skin with an abundance of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. Vegan, organic and paraben-free, I’m Beet is redefining the limits of natural skincare with ingredients like Bentonite and Moroccan Red Clay which gently detoxifies the skin from impurities and irritants while evening out its tone and firmness. I’m Beet’s powder formula will leave you with a luminescent all day glow! The perfect cruelty free face mask to spoil yourself before a big event or as a weekly treat to energize tired skin. Retails for $22 at You can use code THERA20 to get 20% off!

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Shainna Ali – The Self-love Workbook

What better way to celebrate our 2 year anniversary than to include an entire workbook dedicated on self love and self care? It’s the entire basis of TheraBox, after all! With a fast and ever-changing environment, more often than not, we tend to forget that we need love from ourselves as much as we do others. When we neglect ourselves, low self-esteem develops and makes it impossible for us to live our lives to the fullest. Dr. Shainna Ali’s The Self-Love Workbook is a guide to experience the life-changing magic of self-love! With a program full of interactive activities, reflection prompts and helpful advice, it deepens our understanding and develops our self-love practice. We become aware that we have unique needs and goals and discover how to better accept and love ourselves. Self-love is a necessity. It allows you not only to see your true self, but to truly accept who you are wholeheartedly. With this acceptance comes the freedom and confidence to live your life to its fullest. It’s time to conquer self-doubt and self-sabotage! It’s time to build your self-love and transform your attitude, emotions and overall outlook on life. It’s time to love yourself! Dr. Shainna Ali is a mental health clinician, educator, and advocate who is dedicated in highlighting the important role of mental health in fostering happiness, fulfillment, and overall wellness. She is the owner of Integrated Counseling Solutions, a counseling and consulting practice in Central Florida. In her practice, she uses a strengths-based, creative approach that empowers clients on their journey of self-love. Dr. Shainna enjoys advocating about the importance of self-love and mental health at conferences, trainings, and on her blog, A Modern Mentality. Retails for $15.95 at www.shainnaali.com12b91ddb-0f45-4d55-9600-5ee37a982317

Naturally Vain – Miracle Eye Cream

Dark circles may have just met their match with this 100% natural Miracle Eye Cream, imported all the way from Canada! Handcrafted with only the purest ingredients, this miracle eye cream is specially formulated to be light and fast absorbing while hydrating and brightening your skin. Packed with Marigold extract which reduces puffiness and dark circles, this eye cream is your new BFF for when you need that “I received 8 hours of sleep last night” look! TIP: Apply to area beneath eyes and around the orbital socket. With a dabbing motion using your ring finger and gently tap the areas around your eye socket until the cream fully absorbs. Gentle tapping is always better than rubbing! Retails for $15 at You can use code 20FF to get 20% off!


The Happy Shoppe – Pen Heart

Don’t start your Self-Love Workbook activity this month without this rose gold laser-cut diamond heart top pen! This pen not only writes beautifully, but also blends functionality with feminine elegance. We believe in the power of beautifying your environment in all the ways possible. Sometimes, the simple act of writing with a beautiful new tool can bring joy to even the most mundane tasks of note-taking or writing checks! If you ever run out of ink, simply replace the ballpoint ink gels with standard ink pen refills. Retails for $15 at


Edgewater Candles – Travel Tin (Wood Sage Sea Salt)

Earthy sage mingles with windswept sea salt in this tin of goodness! This Wood Sage Sea Salt Edgewater Candle evokes rugged yet luxurious coastal breezes the moment you light it up! Made with sustainable soy that comes in reusable tins, this uncommon scent palette induces combinations inspired by the seasons, botanicals, and earthy woods. Perfect for smaller spaces or as an add on to your overnight bag. Every candle is handpoured in small batches and burns for approximately 25-30 hours. Think of lighting a candle as a ‘finishing touch” for your space — the final aroma to complete your personal atmosphere of warmth and comfort! Retails for $14 at You can use EC15ATX to get 15% off!


Modern Skyn Alchemy – Rose Lip Scrub 

Another Modern Skyn masterpiece, the Rose Lip Scrub is the perfect prep step to incorporate into any lip ritual for the sweetest, softest lips! Containing all natural and organic ingredients + Vitamin E to help nourish and moisturize, this scrub removes dead skin cells, boosts circulation and helps with collagen production– making your lips appear and feel smoother! The rose petal infusion also helps by lightening dark patchy parts of your lips, revealing its natural rosy color! Use this scrub daily to achieve soft & rosy spring lips! Retails for $12 at You can use code THERABOX to get 40% off!


Story Of My Tea – I’m Gypsy

There’s just something about a nice cup of tea. It can transport you into a state of calm and tranquility almost instantaneously no matter the situation. Created by blending Egyptian hibiscus as the base with hints of peppermint, chamomile, lavender and a sweet note of licorice; the result is a tart blend perfect to satisfy your taste buds, anytime of the day. With every sip you’ll feel a little more relaxed, content and at peace. This herbal tea is also caffeine-free so you can sip it all day, pair it with your meals or simply drink as dessert! Indulge and share in the zen with this mindful tea! Retails for $7.99 at You can use code THERA5 to get $5 off of any purchase!

Please stay tuned for more monthly reveals and spoilers! Keep unboxing happiness 🙂

Science-Tried Tips & Tricks to Improve Sleep & Relaxation

Podcasts, social media posts, and bloggers are always spitting out tips on how to be happier, relaxed, and better rested. But no matter how much we hear them, rest and relaxation may go unachieved.

We’ve been exploring this topic for quite some time, and we’ve found that it can be simplified while keeping things legit and scientific. Also, we’ve discovered that it HAS to be kept simple and legit, otherwise it will end up on the backburner (Note: this is bad when you leave your burners going because you’ll eventually get burned).

So, to keep things simple, we’ll focus on two biological aspects of rest and relaxation and throw out some scienc-y solutions that can address them. Now let’s dive in!  

Put That SNS On Standby!

We’ll say our nerves are frazzled when we’re stressed out, but there’s a literal truth to this common statement. Our nervous system (aka system of nerves) plays a direct role in stress through the autonomic nervous system and it’s two parts: the fight-or-flight sympathetic nervous system (SNS) and the rest-and-digest parasympathetic nervous system (PNS).

When we get stressed out, our mind senses a threat and triggers the stress response. It doesn’t matter if we’re thinking about a project deadline or we’re looking at a hungry mountain lion, our mind perceives these stress-inducing feelings to mean that there is a threat. So, the SNS is activated and the body begins pumping out adrenaline to get the muscles and brain prepared to fight or run away. If we remain stressed after this initial adrenaline release, our body will emit cortisol to help keep us alert. Very helpful when you’re running away from a mountain lion. Not so helpful when you need to relax to get to work or to fall asleep.

Better rest comes in shifting from the adrenaline and cortisol craziness of an active SNS to the calm and peaceful state of an activated PNS. In other words, we need to stop stressing out so that we can relax and rest.      

  • Sip Herbal Relaxants: There are a few categories of herbs which can be used to promote relaxation and better sleep. Nervine relaxants are able to calm the nervous system to reduce stress, plus they can ease tension in our bodies. The most effective include skullcap, kava kava, wild lettuce, and passionflower. You can drink them as tea or take them as a tincture, but do so as recommended. They can have sedative and mildly-euphoric effects, so you want to make sure you don’t overdo it on the dosage. For a more mild but equally powerful relaxing alternative, get a bottle of quality essential oils like lavender, chamomile, and hops. Apply to the body via carrier oil after your nightly shower, drop it on your pillow, or put it in a diffuser to catch a whiff of restful scents.

  • Conscious Breathing: If we had a dollar for every time someone told us, “Just breathe!” we’d be a good hundred dollars richer. Annoying as this advice may be, it’s spot on. The claimed benefits of breathing of ancient schools and practices are being validated by modern science again and again. Scientists and sleep experts know that conscious breathing can reduce blood pressure and elevate mood. By focusing on our breathing we not only get more oxygen into our bodies and supercharge circulation. Turning our attention to our breath naturally relaxes our stress response, allowing us to shift from the fight-or-flight sympathetic nervous system to the rest-and-digest parasympathetic nervous system. It’s easy to scoff at meditation with how trendy and overhyped it’s become, but the benefits or mindfulness and breath are real.

  • Stop Stressing And Write Down Your C.R.A.P: Night time needs to be set as a special time for us to sit back, relax, reflect, and enjoy life. However, the mind isn’t always on board with this. That’s where neuroscientist Dr. Mark Waldman and his C.R.A.P. Board (Conflicts, Resistances, Anxieties, and Procrastination) can help. Jot down everything you need to get off your chest for each worry: what you’re worried about, how you feel about it, why it’s so stressful, everything. Simply making this list and setting it on the table for review the next morning may be enough. However, if you’re still feeling anxiety, take it a step further by writing out the absolute worst that could happen (it’s never really as bad as our mind claims it is), then follow-up by listing a some quick ideas on actions you can take to help address that. Getting this stuff down on paper will allow your mind to shut up because it knows that all your CRAP is on a list and waiting to be taken care of.  

Set Your Circadian Rhythms

There’s a good chance you’ve heard of circadian rhythms, but there are some important factoids that get missed. Circadian rhythms refer to a natural cycle our bodies follow involving body temperature, metabolism, behavior, and hormone production (ie. sleep-inducing melatonin). Daylight plays a major role in our circadian rhythms and sleep patterns.

Here’s the deal. Inside our brain, there’s a nerve bundle known as the Suprachiasmiatic Nucleus (SCN). This group of nerves happens to be located right next to the area of the brain where our opticals nerves cross. Our optical nerves pick up on light and darkness, so our SCN naturally knows daytime from nighttime and acts as the master clock. When the SCN perceives darkness, it kicks up production of the sleep hormone melatonin to initiate rest and relaxation. As the night goes on and the morning sun begins to shine in our bedroom, the SCN cuts down on melatonin. So, when it comes to getting our bodies to relax and rest, we need to get our circadian rhythms on track.         

  • Routine: Remember how as a kid in school, you’d wake up at the same time every morning? That’s because routine helps to regulate processes within our body so we develop our own inner clock. Our bodies loves cycles and routines. Now, as adults we have our routines, but the average person’s schedule involves going to bed too late, sleeping too little, taking little to no time to unwind, etc. We need a solid routine where we give our minds and bodies time to relax and we allow for ourselves to get enough sleep to feel restored and refreshed.     
  • Lighting: Electronics and standard light bulbs produce light within the blue wavelength spectrum. Just like our sun. Blue light throws off our natural circadian rhythms, and it’s being studied for links to health problems too. It’s safe to say that this is one time where we should “go natural.” Stick with dim lighting (or invest in red light bulbs if you can), blue-blocking glasses, and apps that filter light for night time. While you’re avoiding light at night, make sure that you’re allowing yourself plenty of wakeful light in the morning. If you have to wake up early or you have blackout curtains, considering investing in wake-up light therapy clocks.

That’s it for today’s tips on rest and relaxation. Have you tried out any of the tips shared above? Or maybe you have one to add to the list? Be sure to share with us on social media!

This blog post was created by our contributing author of TheraBlog: Ash Stevens. Check out her blog here

September “Intention” Box

An look into our sold-out September Box

If you missed out, you can still purchase the individual items on the retailer’s websites in the links below:

September’s Happiness Boosting Activity: Daily Intentions

A 4 week supply of daily intention cards, September’s happiness booster is focused on setting daily intentions to live a present and authentic life. Think of intentions as an inner GPS system. It’s a roadmap that guides you through the day mindfully. If you set your intentions and do your best to follow them, increased clarity and focus will follow as you tackle life’s daily challenges. Retails for $5.99 @


The Happy Shoppe – Daily Planner
Start you day right with these adorable pastel colored daily planners featuring beautifully illustrated unique designs on each page. Hard cover binding to weather daily use, and compact enough to carry with you wherever the day takes you! Inside, you will find the planner divided into a few sections: Yearly plan, Monthly plan, Weekly/Daily plan plus an incorporated to-do list! Truly a sophisticated yet simple planner that’s completely customizable to fit your lifestyle. Retails for $24.00 @

The Happy Shoppe – Sage Smudge Kit with Abalone Shell

For those new to the world of sage, a quick google search can teach you the longstanding history behind sage, and how to get the most out of this ancient ritual. “Smudging”, also known as burning sage, helps clear negative energy from our lives. The strong scent of sage is thought to purge negative energy from both the physical and emotional space of our lives along with dissipating smoke. The act of burning sage can mark a new beginning or resolution. Furthermore, studies have shown that sage releases negative ions when burned and concentrated amounts of negative ions correlate with lower rates of depression and purification of the air. Many air purifiers utilize negative ions to cleanse the air! While it’s still unclear how much negative ions are released through smudging, you can be sure that the negative ions and positive vibes will float in the air! Retails for $14.99 @


Sol Sisters Organics – 100% Organic Ocean Probiotic Deodorant
We love the fact that this 100% organic handcrafted probiotic deodorant goes on smooth, clear, doesn’t rub off on clothes, smells amazing, and is completely non-irritating. The ingredients within work together to balance your pH levels and combats body odor. If you’re new to using natural products for your underarms, you may have a detox phase as store brand deodorants use chemicals and aluminum to block sweat glands and mask odor. Having an initial cleanse is important, as it will take about one week for your body to adjust to the natural ingredients. When you begin using natural ingredients on your underarms, the sweat glands open up to release toxins in the form of sweat. After the initial detox phase, your new deodorant can fully work it’s magic! Retails for $12.00 + $8 flat rate shipping (~20.00) @

The Happy Shoppe – Textured balance necklace

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. This beautiful “balance” necklace features a centering textured bar as the focus point of the necklace. The bar serves as a daily reminder to remain centered, balanced, and mindful as you take on your day with intention. Make a wish or set a goal before putting on your necklace and wear it as a daily reminder that a happy life is not built upon the goal of perfection, but balance. Retails for $15.99 @

Ohm It – “Manifestation” Eucalyptus Crystal Infused Candle

We can’t imagine a better combination than all natural essential oils and healing crystals joining forces in the form of a hand-poured, natural soy based candle. One fills your home with a lovely chemical-free scent, while the other dispels negative energy with good vibes. Combine the two together and you’ve got an addition to your home decor collection that emanates both positivity and style! A perfect addition to your morning ritual, meditation practice, or to end your intention filled day on a high note. We simply can’t stop smelling these candles! We were lucky to get our orders in, as their site is currently under construction. Keep an eye out for when they go live! www.ohmit.meYou may be able to place a direct order through instagram: _om_it

The Happy Shoppe – Good Meowning 16 oz Mug
Animal lovers! Start your morning right with this adorable ceramic cat mug. Designed by the cat lovers here at TheraBox to invoke early morning smiles! Retails for $12.99 @
Oily Provisions – Nasal Energy Inhaler

Inhalers allow for essential oils to be quickly absorbed into the bloodstream by way of the thin membranes in your respiratory tract. This energy blend is infused with bergamot, lime, cypress, and juniper to combat fatigue and keep you energized throughout your day! Retails for $5.00 + shipping (~8.00) at

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August “Rest” Box

Curious about all the items in our sold-out August Rest themed box?

Check them out! You can still purchase the individual items on the retailer’s websites in the links below:
august box photo

August’s Happiness Boosting Activity: Meditation Bunny
August’s happiness booster incorporated an adorable 4GB USB  equipped with meditation soundtracks aimed at promoting sleep and relaxation! We know without proper sleep and adequate rest, it’s really hard to be happy. Mindfulness meditation has been proven over and over again to improve sleep quality and reduce insomnia. The body scan and visualization meditations are especially helpful in enhancing sleep, so we have included these within the bunny. Retails for $9.99 at

Your Tea – Sleep Tea
This is our favorite tea, ever! Sleep tea uses traditional Chinese medicine and herbs to improve sleep, reduce anxiety, and calms the mind through reducing heat in the body. Best of all, the ingredients are gluten free and the tea tastes delicious! steep a bag nightly for your best sleep yet. Retails for $25.00 + shipping @

Peace of Mind – Love meditation/body mist
Peace of Mind’s body mist is made of 100% all natural organic essential oils and organic witch hazel. Not only is the spray amazing for the skin, but it also helps to balance hormones and emotions. One spray can out you in the perfect mindset to attract love and remind us of the love that we have within ourselves. A wonderful mist to spray before bed to end the day with love and intention. Retails for $18.00 + shipping @

The EO Shop – Be Joyous Essential Oil Roll On Blend
Be your best self with this joy inducing blend filled with lavender, clary sage, ylang ylang, and marjoram. The aroma and therapeutic properties of these oils will calm your mind and put a joyous smile on your face. The EO Shop only uses the highest quality of therapeutic grade essential oils. For 15% off any order, use code TheraBoxAug15 ~ Expires 9/30/2017 – Retails for $14.00 @

Sincerely Different – Sleep Balm
With its unique blend of oils (including German Blue Chamomile, Frankincense, Lavender, and Blood Orange), the Sweet Dreams Salve helps everyone from military veterans to anxious students and restless sleepers get a better night’s rest. Just rub a small amount on your temples and wrists to enjoy a better sleep tonight. Use coupon code THERABOX for 20% off a future purchase on their official site! $10.00 + shipping @

The Happy Shoppe – Cooling/Heating Sleep Mask
This adorable cat eye mask comes with a cooling/heating gel pad that is easily inserted into the mask. When used heated, the heating sensation relaxes tired eyes to promote a restful sleep. When used cool, the cooling sensation will assist with reducing eyebags and puffiness! Retails for $12.99 @

PackAge – Sweet Dream Deep Sleeping Mask
Take a rest with this deep sleep inducing mask filled with lavender and herbal therapy to promote rest while rejuvenating the skin! Contains lavender oil, jojoba oil, and shea butter to create a moisture barrier and increase pH balance in the skin. The mask is free of any alcohol, fragrances, parabens, or artificial ingredients! Retails for $5.99 @

Vintage Wooden Bookmark
Light a candle and read a book. Before you drift off to your best sleep yet, save the page with these elegant wooden bookmarks! They are beautiful, yet fragile so do handle with care. Retails for $5.99 @